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Welcome to Simple Greens Hydroponics! We are so glad you're here! Hydroponic gardening has become such a blessing in our life, and if it interests you, we want to help you make it part of your life too!

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is all about growing plants without soil, where the roots draw nutrients directly from water. We are all about growing hydroponic lettuce, herbs and strawberries, so that's the kind of setup we can help you build!

Hydroponic Lettuce System

Why Hydroponics?

  • Indoor garden year-round!
  • No dirt means it's clean! Very little mess
  • No dirt = no e-coli bacteria, no salmonella, no lettuce recalls!
  • Uses less water than traditional gardening
  • Access to fresh produce anytime
  • Healthy hobby!


We've engineered the design, testing and resolving common issues along the way so that all you've gotta do is follow clear steps and use a few basic power tools to build your own DIY Hydroponic System!

Harvested Lettuce on Snow

Our Story

We first heard about hydroponics when a friend told us about a setup he built in his basement that allowed him to harvest one head of lettuce every day of the month for a fresh salad at dinner time. Doesn't that sound so wonderfully fascinating? The thought of having fresh, beautifully crisp lettuce on hand year-round was enough to sell us on this idea. We were determined to make this our family's new hobby.

However, after spending many evenings scouring the internet for any info on how to do this in our 2 bedroom townhome, we found that there were very few DIY plans available for a simple hobby hydroponics system. Even to purchase a low-end pre-built one, you'd have to be willing to spend about $8,000. That was one big NOPE for us!

But thankfully, the head of the family just happens to be an engineer by trade, who gets a thrill from charting new territory, enjoys a BIG challenge, and is a relentless problem solver. (He's a lowkey SuperDad.) He was set on making our dream a reality. Before long, he had the first hydroponics prototype rigged up and we started on this journey. And let me tell you, we'll never look back.

Now that we've walked this road for a while and have worked out the kinks, our desire is to walk you through building your own DIY hydroponics system, step-by-step, eliminating the guesswork. We want to make hydroponic gardening attainable to anyone who wants to make this a part of their life. We desire for you to feel confident that you can grow things in your home year round, and that your sorta-old-and-gross-store-bought-lettuce-eating can become a thing of the past! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Ready to start? Click here to go to the DIY Hydroponics System Overview.