Our Mission

Our mission is to make hydroponic gardening accessible to the average person, to empower others to be fruitful & productive in their hobbies, and to help others experience the joy of subduing the Earth through hydroponics.

Who We Are

Hi! We're a husband and wife duo who desire to share what we've learned about hydroponic gardening with you & to help you make hydroponics a part of your life! Here's what you need to know about us:

Caleb: I am an engineer by trade, and I enjoy designing and making things efficient in every aspect of life. I built all of our hydroponic systems and have gradually tested and improved them to make the process streamlined. I enjoy finding ways to automate things and make them as maintenance-free as possible!

Rachael: I'm a wife and a stay-at-home mom of 2 little girls, so that means I have what feels like a full time job feeding hungry people! I'm passionate about lettuce! Ok, that's not accurate. I'm passionate about feeding my family nourishing foods without them knowing it's healthy. SHHH don't tell them! As soon as I heard about hydroponics, I knew I wanted to grow our own high quality lettuce (to increase my own leafy green intake while also pulling out all stops on my nutritional trickery game). I could have never done it without my husband's engineering expertise & his passion for charting new territory. He made this dream a reality, and it has made eating healthy a joy and a blessing for all of us! We hope these resources are a blessing to you and yours, and that they give you the confidence that hydroponic gardening is within reach for you!